Think about what windows are for: they let light and fresh air into a room, and they let you see the world outside, and when you open them they can make the whole world accessible. Do you feel education does the same? Is school like a window? Will the things you learn open windows for you and let you reach out to the world?

Everything we learn from our family, friends, daily life, books, and schools is part of our education. And so is going to a museum, travelling places, meeting new people or just opening our eyes for new experiences.

Education means learning skills like reading, writing, math, or how to do things. It provides us with knowledge about the world, which is more important than ever. It gives us a perspective on life. It helps us form opinions and make decisions. We learn about amazing things like animals, science, geography, history, and other cultures.  We learn to be curious and ask the right questions; we learn to judge right and wrong.  

Being able to go to school and to college is great. It might not seem fun to you to get up every morning, study and do homework. But what you learn in school is the foundation for an interesting and meaningful life.

People who are well educated tend to be healthier, have higher-paying jobs, be better global citizens, have better relationships with other people, and be happier overall. Education makes our lives more awesome in many ways.

Education is like a window because it lets us see the outside world, brings clarity to our lives, and opens up a world of possibility and opportunity. Every time you are about to learn something new, think about the window this knowledge or skill will open for you.


The Right to Education

Education is a fundamental human right that no one should be denied off. No matter their nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status, all children have the right to receive a quality formal education.